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MixBlog June 20th, 2011

ZLibrary : The MixBlog June 20th 2011 Currently Mixing Track# Z809 Lining up some drum beats, re-linking some old shaker samples and cuts from the Scott Storch sound set= he has some good basic one-shot drums, snares, and claps in there.

There’s a new company I am forming entitled SZP360, an umbrella company that will include A) Music Production, B) Music Publishing (BMI), and C) Promotion- blogging, web presence, press releases, library and song placement, social networking, and communities on an international level.

If anybody reading this in another country wants to help or give some input, that would be greatly appreciated. I currently have over 400 sites/forums to blog with and participate in, and many of the sites are in foreign languages ( such as baang ).

I’m working 8AM-6PM Monday Through Friday to try and get as far as possible on completing .wav stereo mixes of the 1400 tracks in the Z Library. By the end of this week, I should have some progress and should be working on re-tuning some of the dance-oriented numbers in the 1000-1200 area.


Have A great week! Plese check me out on


President- SZP360

Jamezmusic LLC

SZP Publishing (BMI)


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