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MIXBLOG 7.14.11

MIXBLOG 7-14-2011




ZLibrary Progress has been good this week- we’ve mixed 1050 Tracks!
Z1044 has a nice conga groove in one tempo with a dirty Jamiroquai-like synth bass (6-bit remastered) and then suddenly shifts tempos and goes into a pussycat dolls “don’t cha'”-flavored beat. 3 min.

Z1046 has some beautiful strings and pads, with a piano solo that is very cinematic and visually inspiring.

Jumped onto Google Plus this week… It’s cool. I was able to back up all of my contact info with the “Takeout” feature. It stored my contact info to a .zip file. This info is important to me, because I sync all contacts from that account into my google android phone (everybody I know’s email, phone, and info already in my cell phone that way).

Stay tuned for tons of music coming soon –


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