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Mixblog 8.8.2011

Z Library: The Mixblog 8.8.2011

Jamez Music


Finished recording "On My Own" .. ft. Scarlett Gold
and used some distortion and intentional grunginess on guitar and vocals.
Track to be posted soon> For RichKidCool.

This week finished songs 1220-1240, and w counting ! Next week and then onto the home stretch of the library, which after a few set backs should now be done mid august.

Chompin' and Whompin' at the Quetzal Interet Cafe- meeting some new friends and some old ones. Utilizing, Garage Band, Reason, and other tools to create some fresh synths for your ears to chew on.

1254- fresh new nacht club amp pads and whompy synths to rock to.. 1255- reggae flavor.  Saturday's singer, Scarlett, was sensational and smooth.
Today met a new singer/guitarist who is visiting from Austria. Also will be recording more music for major labels, games, web shows, commercials, DVDs, and more over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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